No matter your style, we have a durable and affordable kitchen flooring option that works best for you and your family.

Choosing Flooring for Your Kitchen

Flooring is an essential part of the kitchen. A gorgeous kitchen can be lost if the floors are outdated. When selecting your kitchen’s new flooring, style and durability are critical. Floors bear the brunt of foot traffic and need to stay looking beautiful despite this. Therefore, more maintenance and sometimes special cleaners are necessary for upkeep, depending on the material.


Flooring can have a large effect on your kitchen design by how it feels physically. Stone floors are cool to the touch and are not as soft as cork floors to stand on. The color and pattern of flooring add to this feeling: wood and cork floors lend warm, natural hues, while gray tile or stone can add a cool look to the kitchen.


Installation is also an important factor to consider. Some flooring can be installed by anyone, whereas other material should be installed by professionals, which adds to costs. If sticking to a schedule and strict budget are top priories, flooring that is easy to install will be the best choice.


Floors in the kitchen must withstand spills and constant friction from shoes and dropped objects. Different materials withstand moisture better than others. Some flooring is more susceptible to scratches and may require sealing or other maintenance to remain durable.

Bottom Line

When it comes to selecting your kitchen flooring, 5 Day Kitchens™ is right there to help you simplify the search. Our experienced staff will provide the knowledge necessary to transform your dream kitchen into reality.