We have a huge variety of kitchen countertops to fit any budget. When you visit our design center, your design consultant will show you different color and style options of actual countertops available for installation.

Choosing Countertops for Your Kitchen

Countertops directly complement your cabinets and are the working surface of your kitchen. When choosing your countertops, you’ll have to consider the material’s durability; some materials are very heat and scratch-resistant, while others require more maintenance to stay looking new. The colors and patterns the material comes in should also come into play when designing your kitchen.

When selecting your countertops, think about how you use a kitchen. Do you cook every night? Do you have a family or guests that visit often? If you spend a lot of time using your kitchen, the countertops will need to be durable enough to withstand the heat of pots and pans, stains from spills, and scratches from knives or other objects. If you rarely cook formal meals, more affordable countertops that are less durable may be more practical.

Once you decide your countertop functionality, think about the design and how it will complement the surrounding cabinets and fixtures. Do you want a modern kitchen, with sleek fixtures and a minimalist touch? Do you want a warm, traditional kitchen that reminds you of a country cottage? Depending on your style preference, the countertops you select will help to reflect this and pull the whole look together. A stainless steel countertop would work well in modern or contemporary kitchens, while butcher block lends a warmer touch.

Bottom line

It is important to remember that you have more countertop options to choose from today than ever before. Materials are available in thousands of different colors and patterns. With this variety, you are sure to find the perfect countertops for your dream kitchen here at 5 Day Kitchens™.