5 Day Kitchens™ has several appliance options available; high quality products that suit your needs and fit your budget.

Choosing Kitchen Appliances

Appliances just might be the most important piece of your kitchen space. After all, the kitchen’s primary function is to prepare and cook meals, which requires the use of several appliances. Ideally, you should choose your kitchen layout first, then, choose appliances that fit. While features and performance are obviously the most important considerations in choosing appliances, how they’ll look in your kitchen probably matters to you, too. This is where 5 Day Kitchens™ remodeling and design specialists can help.

How to Choose a Refrigerator

Buying the right refrigerator is important. Not only is the refrigerator responsible for preventing your food from spoiling, it is also one of the few appliances in your home that is continuously running. First, consider how many times you and your family cook and eat from home. For larger families, larger capacity and efficient units will be necessary. While singles or those who don’t cook a lot may prefer a smaller model that looks great, but doesn’t need all of the accessories. Also consider if your home would need separate wine refrigeration storage, or refrigerated drawers for easy access.

Freestanding refrigerators slide into a space and generally stick out 6 or 7 inches beyond counter depth. However, you can purchase counter-depth models that will look like built-in units.

Top freezers are the classic design and they are generally less expensive than other models. Bottom freezers now come in French-door models (two doors for the fridge compartment) and tend to be more energy efficient. Side-by-side models generally come with in-door water/ice dispensers making them kid friendly but have a narrow freezer width.

How to Choose an Oven and Cooktop

When considering an oven and stove, think about how you typically cook. Convection ovens, when compared to conventional ovens, tend to use more energy but offer even distribution of heat, cooking food faster and with more control. Bakers, on the other hand, will want the traditional oven.

There are several options in cooktops: induction, gas or electric — all of which have their pros and cons. Most beginning cooks prefer electric cooktops for its slow heat up, while experienced cooks prefer induction or gas stoves for its fast heat up and precise cooking. Induction cooktop options are magnetic-induction, radiant and halogen that heat a glass ceramic surface.Cooktops that have a smooth surface and touchpad and are the easiest to clean.

You might consider adding a warming drawer to your kitchen design, which is especially convenient and allows you to prepare food in advance and serve it all at the same time. Real chefs want a warming drawer and home cooks will appreciate the convenience.

How to Choose a Ventilation System

One area of your kitchen that is forgotten when considering appliances is the ventilation system. Depending on the size of your stove or cooktop and if you have an integrated grill, griddle, or many burners you may select a higher ventilation system. Here at 5 Day Kitchens™, we can help you determine what type of ventilation system is recommended for your kitchen.

How to Choose a Microwave

Microwaves can consume a lot of space no matter where you put them: on the counter, built in or above a cooktop. You will still need to make sure the microwave you pick for your kitchen renovation is large enough for your needs. Some models have preprogrammed buttons for freezer meals or popcorn and can save time. Over-the-range models save counter space but are harder to cope with while using the cook top. If you want your microwave to work double-duty, consider a convection microwave that also works as a fast-speed oven. Also available are microwave drawers, which are handy and are built-in to the base cabinets.

How to Choose a Dishwasher

Your lifestyle will largely dictate what type of dishwasher will be ideal for your kitchen. Dishwashers can range from high-end models to small, counter-top units. Choosing the right dishwasher will depend on the features you want and the look of your kitchen.

Noise, speed, and efficiency are three important considerations when selecting a dishwasher. Now you can get drawer dishwashers, which are easier to load and can handle smaller loads, so they are more efficient. Still, traditional dishwashers with doors that pull from the top down are the most popular style.

Lower end models tend to have simplified controls, while more elaborate ones will have hidden controls, noise reduction and energy efficient qualities. These are especially helpful in small homes or open floor plans. Dishwasher drawers are also available for smaller amounts of dishware and can save water usage when you don’t have large loads to clean.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to make appliance decisions based primarily on looks, but take some time to choose finish reliability, standard warranties, and appliance-specific details such as refrigerator capacity, number of range burners, and ease of use. Remember, the 5 Day Kitchens™ remodeling team has valuable insight into the right appliances for your kitchen renovation. You can count on them to help make these important decisions for your kitchen renovation.